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In light of the current health crisis, Digital Promise is committed to bringing you relevant and informative webinars that you can join from home. Below you will find our current webinar series with links to register as well as recordings of past events. Check back regularly for new events and archived webinars!

LVP Webinars


The Education Leadership for a Digital World webinar series explores what it takes to recruit, prepare, and support principals as digital school and community leaders.




Verizon Innovative Learning Schools will host free live webinars every other Tuesday throughout the school year to help teachers integrate technology into learning, whether in classrooms or remote.



LVP Webinars


The League of Innovative Schools webinar series engages district leadership, knowledge, and experience on topics such as student well-being, digital equity and the homework gap, adaptive learning models, technology sustainability, and planning for extended distance learning.



Learner Variability Webinars


Hosted by edWeb in the Learner Variability Project’s Personalize Learning for Learner Variability community, the monthly webinars are free professional development opportunities for teachers and other education stakeholders. Topics feature whole child research-based factors of learning and accompanying strategies to inform effective practice.


Learning Sciences Research


The Learning Sciences Research webinars provide information and discussion on our current research projects, spanning a range of topics, including early learning, computational thinking, and K-12 systems change.



Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Getting Set for the 2020-21 school year webinars


No one knows what school will look like this fall, but we can prepare for the possibilities. Verizon Innovative Learning Schools will host FREE live webinars on topics such as Digital Citizenship, Family Engagement, and Rollout Strategies during COVID-19, to get you set for a potential continuation of digital learning next school year.



More Webinars and Appearances


Reinvent the Classroom celebrates powerful teaching and learning with technology in schools across the United States and Canada. Watch our webinar series to learn from the educators who inspire the Reinvent the Classroom initiative.



Summer of Powerful Learning


The Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Summer of Powerful Learning series will provide educators an opportunity to enhance their technology practices using research-based instructional strategies. These sessions are free and open to all educators.



Summer of Powerful Learning


In this two-part webinar series, Digital Promise presented the findings from Principal Leadership in Virtual Environment, a report commissioned by the Wallace Foundation, and discussed its implications with school leaders.



More Webinars and Appearances


Explore this section for more Webinars and digital events from Digital Promise as well as other appearances on the web with our team members.

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