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Our Research

Our goal is to infuse the latest learning science research into the development and improvement of products and programs to advance public education and improve learning.

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Our blog offers a diverse look across all of our work. We hope you find it inspiring and useful.

Learning Sciences

Learning Sciences focuses on the why, what, and how of learning in school and out-of-school. By partnering with educators to study and design new learning approaches, resources and policies, we make learning better.

Dynamic Learning Project

The Dynamic Learning Project seeks to improve education equity and student learning by supporting teachers with classroom coaching in an effort to better leverage technology in powerful and meaningful ways.

Learner Positioning Systems

At Digital Promise Global, the Learner Positioning Systems (LPS) initiative seeks to build on emerging research on learner variability and uncover strategies to meet learners where they are across varied contexts and needs.


We work at the intersection of educators, entrepreneurs, and researchers to identify and scale best practices for creating, using, and communicating evidence that support effective, engaging, tech-enabled learning environments.


The Research@Work project helps researchers, education leaders, and technology developers to better understand how people learn, and how they can create educational environments that will improve learning outcomes.

Research Map

The Research Map connects education practitioners to relevant and accessible learning sciences research findings that can help them shape powerful learning solutions for all students.


The United2Read project will bring Learning Ovation’s A2i technology professional support system to over 100,000 students nationwide with the goal of improving literacy skills and closing the achievement gap.

STEM High Schools

iSTEM investigates the effectiveness of inclusive STEM high schools as a strategy for increasing the number and diversity of students pursuing higher education and careers in STEM fields.

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