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Maker Learning in Your District

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Where is your maker learning program headed, and how will you know that it’s on the right track?

Follow your North Star, not your GPS. Having a vision about your maker learning program does not necessarily mean that you can see its final destination. Instead, think of the vision as the point of reference that will guide your work, helping to keep it pointed in the right direction.

Designing for equity

Worksheet for planning a culturally relevant maker learning program
Build your maker learning program around the strengths and assets that already exist within your community.

Talking about maker learning

FAQ from pioneering school leaders around the country
Read the questions that maker-minded administrators are most frequently asked — and their answers.

Contribute to the FAQ
What are your questions about maker learning and leadership?

Documenting the journey of the program

Maker learning maturity matrix
Use this self-assessment tool to identify where your program is now and what steps it might take to grow in the future.

Additional resources

Leverage what you have

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