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Maker Learning

Hands-on, creative, and design-centered learning are elements of “maker learning.” Maker learning is important to teachers, leaders, parents, and especially students because it has the power to:

  • Increase access, interest, and skills in STEM, particularly for diverse communities;
  • Promote social and emotional learning by building empathy and perspective-taking abilities through user-centered design thinking practice;
  • Personalize, engage, and facilitate student voice and choice; and
  • Catalyze interdisciplinary experiences and make curriculum more relevant.

Digital Promise offers a suite of professional learning and strategic planning services to help schools and districts build a culture of learning-by-making. In a Maker Learning engagement, Digital Promise consultants work with school teams and district leaders to integrate maker learning in six key areas: vision, program, people, materials, community engagement, and assessing and improving.

How We Engage

We will help you develop a custom plan to meet your district’s unique needs. Our engagements are tailored to support the work of administrators, educators inside and outside of the classroom, and parents and community advocates in your district.



On-site strategic planning with leadership team

Work with a team of administrators and/or lead teachers to gain a deeper understanding of Maker Learning using the Maker Learning Leadership Framework, create a long-range professional learning plan and ensure it complements district goals, and review strategies for leading the implementation

On-site workshops for educators

Learners will be guided through Maker Learning activities and research to learn how to integrate strategies and maker-centered approaches in their own classroom instruction


Three day immersive event provides administrators, staff, and faculty with a hands-on and collaborative experiences

On-site implementation support

Work with districts on-site to plan, implement, and improve your maker learning program through:

  • tool/equipment training sessions
  • classroom observations
  • one-on-one sessions
  • group meetings
  • model lessons
  • community maker events

Ongoing virtual support

Provide ongoing support through:

  • Immediate, customized support to fit teachers’ needs video conferencing
  • Email, phone, etc.

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