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Key Research and Organizations

These key education technology research studies and leading professional organizations for adult education and workforce development provide an overview of the adult learning market.

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Integrating Digital Tools for Adult Learners: Four Critical Factors

If we believe in the potential of technology to bring quality digital learning opportunities to this underserved population, what can we do to accelerate adoption? Drawn from a study we supported of digital learning technologies’ effectiveness in adult basic education, this paper explores four factors that contribute to effective implementation of technology.

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Shift Happens: The Entrepreneurs, Wonks, and Investors Revolutionizing the Learning-to-Employment Landscape

This report makes the case that closing the skills gap by ending the monoculture of degrees, ending pedigree and degree-based hiring, and growing a diversity of faster, less expensive, and respected pathways to high-value employment is the calling of our time.

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The National Broadband Research Agenda

Digital Promise partnered with the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy to respond to the public call for comments so we can ensure inclusion of adult learners in the National Broadband Research Agenda. Read our comment and all of the comments submitted.

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Digital Inclusion and Digital Literacy in the United States: A Portrait from PIAAC’s Survey of Adult Skills

This paper uses U.S. data from the Survey of Adult Skills (PIAAC) to explore a digital inclusion pathway for adult learners from digital access to digital literacy. Of particular interest are findings showing the importance of digital skills for earnings growth.

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Digital Readiness Gaps

The Pew Research Center uses new survey findings to examine digital readiness in adult learners, exploring the attitudes and behaviors underpinning issues of preparedness and comfort in using digital tools for learning.

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Curbing Adult Student Attrition: Evidence from a Field Experiment

An experiment designed to improve attendance by texting messages and reminders to adult students. This inexpensive intervention had a large, positive effect on attendance and course completion.

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Education Technology in Corrections

This report describes the current status of ed-tech in corrections, existing and emerging approaches to providing ed-tech in such facilities, and the successes and challenges of early implementers.

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Digital Literacy Acquisition and Equity Research

The Literacy, Language & Technology Research Group's (LLTR) 17 research briefs on how under-served adults acquire digital literacy skills in adult education programs.

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Integrating Digital Literacy Into English Language Instruction: Companion Learning Resource

A synthesis of the ideas and practices from the seminal resources on adult English language learners (ELLs) that offers techniques to help practitioners integrate digital literacy into ELL classes.

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Report: Game-Based Learning Helps Students Develop Writing Skills

This pilot of a game-based learning platform show improved college student engagement and self-efficacy in writing courses. These results can be extrapolated to develop literacy programs for adults.

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