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Learning Sciences Research

We investigate how people learn and use research to improve learning opportunities for all.

Learning sciences research focuses on the why, what, and how of learning in and out of school. By partnering with educators to study and design new learning approaches, resources, and policies, we make learning better.

At Digital Promise, we have unique opportunities to address equity at scale by connecting learning sciences research to networks of innovative schools that are deeply committed to the academic success of all of their students.

Our work clusters in five areas. In Early Learning, we advance effectiveness and equity in learning by co-designing educational innovations with practitioners and families from diverse backgrounds. More broadly, we work on K-12 Systems Change so all learners can develop conceptual understanding and powerful reasoning skills—for example, in mathematics and computational thinking.

Our focus on equity continues in our College Readiness and Success practice, where we study the effectiveness of interventions designed to produce more equitable and powerful learning opportunities for low-income and underrepresented students.

Advances in technology are also at the heart of our work as learning scientists. In our Learning Analytics practice, we develop tools and strategies that partnerships can use to engage in collaborative data-driven decision-making and progress, such as taking advantage of newly available “big data” to make improvements to learning.

We find that few technologies achieve both scale and meaningful impact on the quality of learning. Accordingly, we help researchers, practitioners, and industry partners build relationships, think collectively, and scale innovative designs that leverage findings from learning sciences research. For example, in our work on Improving the Impact of Digital Learning, we lead one of the world’s largest networks of computer scientists and learning scientists (CIRCLS) working together to design and study the future of learning.

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