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Learner Positioning Systems

Through Digital Promise Global’s Learner Positioning Systems (LPS) initiative, we seek to uncover strategies to meet learners where they are across varied contexts and needs. Building on emerging research on the variability of the learner population, LPS supports all learners, their parents, educators, and the ed-tech development community.

Over the past several decades, the student population in the United States has grown more diverse. More recently, research from the learning sciences has advanced our understanding of learner variability and the importance of grounding educational practice in the individual — rather than the fiction of an average student.

Additionally, technological innovation has moved closer to realizing the promise of evidence-based personalization. A deep belief in the urgent need to address learning equity gaps drives us.

To engage these opportunities and advance impact, Digital Promise Global launched the LPS initiative in 2015. The vision of LPS draws inspiration from Global Positioning Systems (GPS) in that we seek to support learners as they locate themselves in the context of a learning trajectory.

What We Will Do

LPS is bringing together leading researchers across neuroscience, cognitive science and social-emotional learning fields with innovative developers and practitioners to explore and design new models for research-based personalization of learning. Our work builds bridges between different sectors to develop models that represent the full diversity of learners, connect research to practice, and elevate stories to inspire action.

Through this collaboration, we can:

  • Highlight the factors that research shows matter most for learners
  • Improve our capacity to understand learners at an individual level
  • Provide practitioners and learners with more effective learning strategies
  • Support the development of more effective educational products and services

Explore the LPS tool and tell us what you think!


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