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Measurement & Assessment

Use the following tools to monitor the status of your pathway at the classroom, building, and district level.


Engage with teachers to hear their perspectives on the district’s computational thinking pathway. The following protocol focuses on the activities and projects they have done with students, how they assessed student work, as well as points of challenge and success with integrating computational thinking.


Surveys are effective ways to collect data from large groups of people and can help identify the best ways to keep stakeholders engaged in the development of your pathway moving forward.

Exit tickets

Exit tickets are quick, informal measures to help teachers gauge students’ understanding of the classroom material. Consider using exit tickets for a glimpse of how students are experiencing your pathway.

Assessing Student Learning

One of the primary challenges of computational thinking as an integrative, cross disciplinary competency is assessing individual student learning. This primer from the Center for Innovative Research in Cyber Learning offers a useful range of resources to support this emerging, important work.

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