Define - Digital Promise


Now that you have identified the computational thinking competencies you will expect your students to develop, it’s time to identify how your students will progress on their journey to mastery.

Use the competency map template and the examples below to define what students will be expected to know and know how to do in each grade band. Consider linking these competency developments to existing standards used in your district and make sure you are communicating expected outcomes in a way all stakeholders can understand by using plain language and descriptive examples.

Example Competency Maps

  • Indian Prairie School District 204
    • Note how this school district restructured the competency map template to focus on defining competencies and addressing them one at a time.
  • Iowa City Community School District
    • Iowa City used the competency map template to focus on progressions across grade bands (i.e., grades K-2, 3-5, 6-8, 9-12).
  • Talladega County Schools
    • This school district engaged teacher leaders to co-create their competency map at the grade level and prepare for classroom integration.
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