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Challenge Based Learning

Challenge Based Learning (CBL) provides an efficient and effective framework for learning while solving real-world challenges.

The Challenge Based Learning framework is divided into three interconnected phases: Engage, Investigate, and Act. Each phase includes exploratory cycles and activities that prepare you to move to the next phase. Supporting the entire framework is an ongoing process of documentation, reflection, and sharing.

Challenge Based Learning fuels Powerful Learning that is:

  • Personal and accessible by prompting learners to identify and connect with personally relevant challenges in the Engage phase.
  • Authentic and challenging by supporting learners to conduct rigorous content- and concept-based research in the Investigate phase.
  • Collaborative and connected by encouraging learners to collaborate on creating and implementing a solution in the Act phase.
  • Inquisitive and reflective by challenging learners to ask essential and guiding questions, and to document, reflect, and share as they answer them throughout the entire CBL process.


Our Work:

Digital Promise leverages CBL in multiple projects, including:

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