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Resources for Organizers

We offer resources to make organizing an Edcamp easy. Our resources include the Edcamp Organizer Handbook, Edcamp-in-a-Box, a guide to organizing a virtual Edcamp, and more.

Edcamp Planning Resources

Interested in organizing an Edcamp but don’t know where to start? This step-by-step planning guide breaks down the simple steps to make organizing an Edcamp easy. If you have questions or concerns, email for support.

Organizing an in-person Edcamp can have several moving parts. Use our checklist to help you get things done without forgetting steps.

Thinking of planning a virtual Edcamp but not sure where to start? Use our guide for tips and tools to help you and your Edcamp participants make the most of your virtual Edcamp.

Click here to download the Edcamp Community logo.

By registering your Edcamp with us and joining the Edcamp Community of educators, you will receive ongoing technical support and guidance with creating a registration page on Eventbrite, if you so choose, as well as promoting your Edcamp. This guide will help you navigate the Eventbrite platform for your Edcamp registration page.

  • Edcamp-in-a-Box

Edcamp-in-a-Box is a free resource kit for eligible organizers of registered Edcamps in the United States to make organizing as easy as possible!

Note: Due to COVID-19, we are currently not sending Edcamp-in-a-Box to organizers. Most Edcamps have shifted to an online format, allowing educators to attend participant-driven professional development and networking opportunities virtually. We are not able to send kits for virtual Edcamps.

Boxes include:

  • Nametags
  • Session Board building materials: markers and sticky notes
  • Edcamp-branded items (based on availability)
  • Sponsor contact information for resources and giveaway items
  • Transcend’s Designing for Learning Cards

Edcamp organizers who request  an Edcamp-in-a-Box are eligible to receive a check for $200 for refreshments & supplies. Due to funding limitations, we do not fund Edcamps organized by professional development agencies or Edcamps limited to post-secondary educators. If you have questions about the eligibility of your Edcamp, email

Before requesting an Edcamp-in-a-Box, please make sure you comply with the following requirements:

  • Make sure your Edcamp complies with the tenets of the Edcamp model:
    • Free and Open to All
    • Participant-Driven
    • Experience, not Experts
    • Rule of Two Feet / Clicks
    • Vendor Free
  • Make sure you click the checkbox on the Edcamp registration form agreeing to the Edcamp Community’s Terms and Conditions

If you are eligible to receive an Edcamp-in-a-Box please make sure you register at least 3 months in advance of your Edcamp to allow proper time for processing and shipping. Once your request is approved, your box will ship to the provided address 4-6 weeks prior to an Edcamp.

Unfortunately, due to time and check-issuing constraints, requests submitted 3 months or less before a planned Edcamp may not receive an Edcamp-in-a-Box.

Resource to Use During an Edcamp

This short video shows the power of Edcamp and its impact on educators! It was filmed at Edcamp Newark with organizer, Juli-Anne Benjamin, who now sits on the Edcamp Community Advisory Committee. This is a great video to show at the beginning of an Edcamp (in-person or online) to explain how an Edcamp works and to demonstrate the energy educators feel when given voice and choice in their professional learning.

Check out this quick tutorial on how to build a digital session board for your Edcamp.

Download this template to guide your creation of a digital session board for your Edcamp. We encourage organizers to be as creative as possible with their session boards, but remember to link your session topics and notes correctly, making sure the privacy settings are open for public access.

This guide is available to assist moderators of virtual Edcamps with keeping the conversations flowing in breakout rooms so that everyone has a chance to be heard.

Post Edcamp Resources

Download the template to create certificates for your participants so they can submit to their administrator for professional development credit, if applicable.

As part of our registration Terms and Conditions, we ask organizers to submit their session boards and any photos from the day so we can highlight the work of the community in newsletter and social media posts. Please share your Edcamp!

Educators who organize the rigorous and personalized learning experiences at Edcamps know how comprehensive the experience is. The Edcamp Organizer micro-credential aims to honor these educator leaders’ depth of understanding about participant-driven professional development.



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