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Adult Learners Benefit When Educators and Developers Work Together

July 29, 2016 | By

“Learners are usually the missing piece of the process” when developing education technology, says software developer Jamie Hollier, Co-CEO of Anneal, Inc.

When developers and adult learning program administrators partner to create ed-tech products, however, learners become the central focus. Program administrators know and understand adult learners’ needs, while developers can test products with actual learners in the iteration process. User-tested, effective, and scaleable ed-tech products are the result.

To learn about forming these mutually beneficial partnerships, watch our webinar with partners Chicago Public Library (CPL) and Digital Learn as they talk about working together to create an ed-tech product to meet CPL’s specific needs. And if you are interested in being part of such a partnership, we’d love to help connect you – send us an email!



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