2016 - Digital Promise

Year: 2016

Recent Articles

A Primer on Maker Learning: Authenticity

The best maker learning experiences feature authenticity of experience

Technology’s Impact on Adult Learners and their Children

Technology can be a powerful tool for helping parents become confident first teachers for their children

Hour of Code Sparks Student Interest in Computer Science

Hunt Middle School in Burlington, Vermont participated in the Hour of Code along with many other…

Celebrating ConnectED’s Achievements Toward Transforming Education

Recognizing extraordinary collaborations between educators, nonprofits, and the private sector

Universal Learning as a Civil Right for Opportunity Youth

Developing a digital career exploration platform for Opportunity Youth

When It’s Time to Change It’s Time to Rearrange: A Principal’s Story with the Help of a Co-op

Learn how having to move schools helped led to helpful conversations.

Announcing the Digital Promise filmMAKER Challenge

Providing an opportunity for students to tell their product design story

Virtual Technology: A Solution to Rural Isolation

A virtual learning center helps alleviate rural isolation

Scaling Practice-Based Coaching through Micro-credentials

Teachers across the country use micro-credentials to differentiate instruction

Helping Underserved Adults Develop Careers

Designing job skills digital modules for the needs of underserved populations

Transforming Adult Ed: Gaming for Adult Learners

Gaming provides effective, engaging learning for adults

Improving learning with the power of technology

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